You are striving to be the best possible mom, wife, and woman you can be, but you sometimes wonder how you can do it all. You desire peace and balance. You crave joy and intimacy. You desire the energy, creativity, and vitality to enjoy the journey.

You’re a busy modern-day woman balancing career and family. You’re creative, intelligent, hard-working and giving. But the constant juggling act of multitasking and meeting everyone else’s needs is draining your reserves and straining your relationships.

It’s time to reclaim your sense of identity, your dreams, and passions. It’s time to learn how to nurture yourself and still be a great wife, mother, employee, and/or entrepreneur. It’s time to feel beautiful and sexy again. Now it’s time to enrich the quality and closeness of your relationships with your spouse and children.

I can help you achieve all this and more!


Through coaching, teaching, and support, I have helped my clients achieve joy and vitality, release weight, stabilize moods, increase energy, feel sexy and beautiful, improve their relationships, launch their dreams, and find peace, serenity, and balance in everyday living.

My mission is to help women regain peace, joy, and vitality
by optimizing their physical, emotional, and nutritional health.

I have over 10-years of experience creating positive change in the lives of adults, couples, and children.

I look forward to working with you and creating the vitality, peace, and joy you desire and deserve.

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Much love,

Carolyn Almendarez

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