Autumn Mountain Road Carolyn Almendarez

Autumn Mountain Road

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Autumn Mountain Road by Carolyn Almendarez.

A watercolor painting of majestic pine trees and shimmering aspens in the cool mountain air of autumn.

I love driving through the mountains during autumn. The air is cool and crisp. The changing leaves sparkle and shimmer falling to the ground like confetti at a parade. The stalwart pines stand majestically while the wind twirls the fallen leaves like young lovers at a dance. Each year nature gives her grand performance of setting the mountains ablaze with color before snuggling them softly under a blanket of snow.

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Autumn Mountain Road Carolyn Almendarez

Mind-Body Solutions for Health and Happiness, Carolyn Almendarez
Carolyn Almendarez is a self-taught artist. She has a love for nature, beauty, and people. Her creativity expresses the love and joy she sees in the world. She enjoys the brilliant colors and fluidity of watercolor and acrylic painting, and has recently expanded her repertoire to include portraits of people and the expressions of life.

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