Yellow Tulips Carolyn Almendarez

Yellow Tulips

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Yellow Tulips by Carolyn Almendarez.

Acrylic painting of yellow tulips with red and white highlights on a windy day.

After several sad looking attempts at following a tulip tutorial, I followed my own instinct and created these lovely tulips. I find that I create better when I trust my own intuition and pull from my own memory and experiences. Watching tutorials and learning from other artists can help to build skills, artistic concepts, and techniques. But the truest art comes from the soul and the inner expressions of the individual artist.

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Yellow Tulips Carolyn Almendarez

Mind-Body Solutions for Health and Happiness, Carolyn Almendarez
Carolyn Almendarez is a self-taught artist. She has a love for nature, beauty, and people. Her creativity expresses the love and joy she sees in the world. She enjoys the brilliant colors and fluidity of watercolor and acrylic painting, and has recently expanded her repertoire to include portraits of people and the expressions of life.

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