Pink Bubble Meditation

Recently I read the classic mind-body book, “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain.  Her book is amazing resource for those wishing to better understand how to use visualization, meditation, and affirmations to improve your life and achieve your desired goals.  She … Continued

Relationship Strengthening Affirmations

Everything we say and do is an affirmation of our life. Negative statements and feelings affirm and reinforce the negative beliefs and circumstances of our life. While positive statements and feelings affirm and reinforce the positive. When you repeat a … Continued

50 Habits of Healthy, Happy, Peaceful People

50 Habits Of Healthy, Happy, Peaceful People Healthy, happy, peaceful people are a delight to be around. They’re full of vitality, energy, and have glowing radiant skin. They’re serene and grounded, and see the best in you and me. They … Continued